STARS Ministry

At College Church in Wheaton, we refer to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as STARS. The STARS ministry serves over 130 families in the western suburbs and has always been open to all. Participants in the program do not need to attend College Church. The ministry provides social, recreational, and educational programs for children and adults and provides support to their parents and caregivers. Run for the STARS provides assistance for these families in the areas of Recreation, Respite and Training.

Care giving is a 24/7 job, and since respite is the number one need of families who have a child with a disability, RFTS provides:

  • Full and partial scholarships for recreational camps where STARS have a blast and parents receive some needed rest.

  • Full and partial scholarships for entire families to attend retreats where they are refreshed in body and spirit.

  • Programs throughout the year where parents can drop-off their STARS for fun and recreation for no charge or a nominal fee.

Since there is a 90% unemployment rate for individuals with developmental disabilities, last year RFTS provided:

  • Funding for Job Coaches at Twice is Nice and STARS Resale Shops to train and supervise STARS in the workplace.

For more information about the life-changing Stars disability ministry, please visit Seeking To Always Reflect the Savior at the College Church website.